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About Now I’m Back:
Living with HIV shouldn’t mean living without love and companionship. Yet for too long, this misunderstood condition has unfairly robbed many of the simple joys and intimacies that others take for granted. At Now I’m Back, we’re on a mission to change that.

The idea for this platform started when I was watching a YouTube movie and noticed how difficult it was for the character, recently diagnosed with HIV, to navigate in the modern dating world. Despite his kind heart and incredible zest for life, the stigma surrounding his condition made something as simple as meeting new potential partners, very difficult.

Time and time again, he would face the nerve-wracking dilemma of when and how to reveal his status to someone he liked. Too often, that difficult conversation led to rejection and hurt before meaningful connections could truly form. I conducted some research and realized this was an all-too-common struggle replicated in the HIV/AIDS community.

A Safe Space to Find Love Freely:
It was then that the vision for Now I’m Back took shape – an exclusive dating platform where singles living with HIV could meet others in similar circumstances, without judgment or fear. A place to form authentic connections from the start, skipping past the vulnerability of having to disclose one’s status repeatedly to new interests.

From the beginning, Now I’m Back has been guided by the radical concept that those living with HIV deserve to explore love, romance, and relationships as freely as anyone else. We believe no one should be defined by their status, but celebrated for who they are as vibrant, whole human beings.

Our Manifesto:
At our core, Now I’m Back exists to:

– Destigmatize HIV/AIDS through openness, education, and bringing the community together
– Provide a premium platform tailored specifically to the dating needs of HIV+ singles
– Foster an atmosphere of unbridled support, compassion and understanding
– Empower our members to confidently put themselves out there and find real connections
– Dismantle preconceived societal notions that those living with HIV should be alone

While HIV may be part of our members’ realities, it in no way diminishes their desires and rights to seek out healthy relationships, intimacy, and love on their own terms. Now I’m Back is a thriving community doing just that.

Our Journey Continues:
Now that we’ve launched, Now I’m Back has plans on uniting thousands of amazing singles across the globe for dating, fun, friendship and partnership. Our team continually enhances the platform while ensuring strict privacy controls and giving you total autonomy over your connections.

We’re humbled to play a small part in so many beautiful love stories, while working to foster a world where no one is stigmatized or shamed for simply being who they are. At Now I’m Back, you’re warmly welcomed and celebrated, always.

Join Now I’m Back today, and unlock the romantic potential you deserve!

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